Phoenix, Arizona, is a city blessed with many eye-catching, historical and important landmarks. In every area, there is that location that attracts most visitors or even its inhabitants. Luckily for us, Phoenix, Arizona, is blessed with many such locations, from the Mystery Castle to Chase Field. In this article, we bring to you some of the best landmarks this beautiful city has to offer. 

orpheum theatre phoenixOrpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre is a beautiful theater, and it has the best shows in town. From symphony concerts to classic rock performances, there are always great events happening here! You should definitely get your tickets early because this venue fills up quickly due to its small size – but don’t worry; all of those who attend really appreciate how much history they share with visitors on these tours (which can be taken before any show begins).

The architectural design pieces combined within one building make up for an unforgettable experience whether you’re looking at artwork or architecture, alike-and seeing as how every date performance goes off without fail thanks largely to their perfect location right next door from Habberts Market Place. I highly recommend it!

Mystery Castle

This three-story building was built by a father to make his daughter’s dreams come true. Completed in 1945, the enchanting castle shares various beauty of its stone construction mixed with adobe and automobile park that are held together thanks to an innovative cement mixture that includes goat milk! Make sure you schedule enough time when visiting this place because there is so much more than just seeing picturesque walls – it has been deemed one of America’s Ten Most Innovative Houses. 

Chase Field

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a major league baseball team that plays at the beautiful and spacious Chase Field. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy some fall-time fun, take your family on one of their many tours or grab seats in the center field! There’s plenty here from big-screen TVs all around, so no matter what, it will be well worth it.

St. Mary's BasilicaSt. Mary’s Basilica

The oldest Catholic church in Phoenix, St. Mary’s Basilica has a unique place within Church history and the Diocese of Phoenix; it was here that religion played an important role for many people who founded our city over one hundred years ago.

The immaculate conception and miraculous origins story of this building speaks volumes about its importance as a well-known local landmark with a deep spiritual meaning behind every inch!

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